NOTCOT part2!!

see more at gallery notcot

I haven't had time to do any personal new work, so here's a piece from my grad thesis project--hope to have new stuff soon.


Velwyn Yossy said...

Hey there! I just want to say that I love your car design, neat grad show too!

Dorf said...

Kim! Why are you SO talented, I can't even handle it! I am so proud of you my friend! WOW.

JuN NinG said...

Nice to know you here, i like yours design,,it look good. I am an illustrator, Some more i like car as well,,so really admire what are you working on.
some my works is here as well but written in chinese:
hope to hear from you!!

Paul Higgins said...

Amazing, beautiful work!

jarimuse said...

i just have to say your works are motivational~ keep it up!

Raúl CANO. said...

I love your style!!