another work in progress...trying to use a different technique, more painterly less graphic. Not convinced it's working yet!


work in progress

A piece I'm working on in James Paick's environment class.



Unfortunately I can't show anything new from work / an attempt at environments--

car design news + simkom

Recently cardesignnews.com featured our Summer 2008 graduating class on their website. There's membership required to download the hi-res photos.. a lot to see nonetheless

check it out here

The sketchsite http://www.simkom.com/ has also recently featured some of my work..yay! 


NOTCOT part2!!

see more at gallery notcot

I haven't had time to do any personal new work, so here's a piece from my grad thesis project--hope to have new stuff soon.



excited to find that NOTCOT posted some of my work--http://www.notcot.org/post/14126/

indy + joy love


Graduation show

GRADUATED! Some images from the degree show and the featured projects--

A final rendering for the Bertone project. Special thanks to Dave Hackett, Dave Marek, and all friends that helped out with the show.

The Indy car model...Special thanks to Kenny from starttwofinish for the flawless model and paint work, Bob from VW, Adam and Kirk for the amazing mill job. Also thanks to Eric for the photos!

The Nissan Joy model--thanks again to Kenny, Bob, Adam and Kirk.

The panoramic illustrations for Nissan Joy.  More to come--


new paintings!

a painting for the Bertone project this term..final stretch!

a digital painting recently done for Dave Marek's vis comm class.


Bertone title illustration

an illustration montage for the Bertone project.


Bertone update

Various exterior and interior ideation sketches for the Bertone project. The exteriors are a combination of the organic body, a layer of pleats and folds, and on top of that a layer of pattern. It's an interpretation of "dressing up" a car. In the interior sketch, you see how the patterns on the exterior reflect throughout the interior of the vehicle.


Bertone project

The idea of this project is reviving the Bertone brand with a collection of cars inspired by avante garde fashion. A couple sketches from the project so far--



another ideation sketch for grad project...

graduation project

Finally, something new! This is an illustration I did recently though the colors aren't as vibrant here as they are in photoshop.  
A preview of what's to come for my graduation thesis...


indy stuff

Indy car renderings done during an IRL/Honda sponsored project at Art Center. The top few are some of the ideation sketches--


yet another oldie..

Another old sketch I revisited. The background was done in gouache and the car was rendered digitally.
Updates on new work soon!


super oldies!

Ancient work from viscomm5. 

The bottom two sketches were done at my VW internship also about a yr ago.


BMW Composition

BMW sketches from a while back.  The project is called BMW Composition--the car is made up of multiple layers and surfaces. Also a continuation of a project done at a BMW/Designworks internship a couple years ago.

An interior sketch– really organic forms to show kinetic line and overlapping form.


oldies but goodies!

Rough ideation for a wagon. The image on the left is a painting from master artist Alex Kanevsky

more ideation for a wagon project.

I had some time a while ago and decided to get back into an old technique of mine. The backgrounds are painted in gouache and later put into a digital car rendering.